Adjunct Lecturer, Greek and Roman Classics, Temple University, 2018-

Adjunct Lecturer, Classical Studies Department, University of Pennsylvania, 2017-

Lecturer, Critical Writing Program, University of Pennsylvania, 2011-2017


Ph.D. Classical Studies, University of Pennsylvania, 2011

Dissertation: ‘Conceptions of the Poetic in Classical Greek Prose’

Supervisor: Sheila Murnaghan

M.A. Classics / Philology, University of Texas at Austin, 2005

B.A. Classics and Creative Writing, Columbia University, 2003


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Scholarly Presentations

“Reconstructing Classical Studies: Promoting Inclusion through Disciplinary History.”

Race in Core Conference, Temple University, Philadelphia PA, March 2020.

“The Gorgon’s Healing Song.”

2nd Annual Temple Consortium on Women, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, February 2019.

“Integrating Writing in the Classics Classroom.”

CAAS, Washington D.C., October 2014.

“Flipping Greek Tragedy: The Hip Hop Chorus.”

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Quanta tibi dederim nostris monumenta libellis: Rome in Ovid’s Tristia.”

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Teaching Experience

Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Greek and Roman Classics, Temple University, 2018-

Race in the Ancient Mediterranean

General education course on race in antiquity and its legacy.

Sacred Space

General education course on religion and the sacred in the Greco-Roman worlds.

Latin 1001/1002

Beginning Latin.

Latin 2001/2002

Intermediate Latin.

Greek 2001/2002

3rd and 4th semester Greek.

Adjunct Lecturer, Classical Studies Department, University of Pennsylvania, 2017-

Greek 203-204

3rd-4th semester Greek

Latin 101-102

  1st-2nd semester Latin

Latin 203-204

3rd-4th semester Latin.

Classical Tradition

Seminar on Greek and Roman literature in translation; thematically organized around community     and the politics of belonging.

Lecturer, Critical Writing Program, University of Pennsylvania, 2011- 2017

War, Remembrance, and the Iliad

Freshman critical writing seminar examining the ways that the Iliad is as an example of how artistic and poetic responses to war preserve communal memory.

Race in the Ancient World

Freshman critical writing seminar considering theories and practices of race and race formation in antiquity, and their legacy in the modern world.

Magic in the Ancient World

Freshman critical writing seminar analyzing the practices of ancient magic by means of both literary and material evidence from ancient Greece and Rome.

Violence and Vengeance in Greek Tragedy

Freshman critical writing seminar studying gender and agency in Greek tragedy.

Cleopatra: Myth, History, Legacy

Freshman critical writing seminar tracing the life and legacy of the last pharaoh.

Tragedy’s Monstrous Mothers

Freshman critical writing seminar focusing on the relationship between maternal grief and violence in Greek tragedy.

The Eternal Warriors

Freshman critical writing seminar on Xenophon’s Anabasis and its afterlife.

The Irresistible Fairy Tale

Freshman critical writing seminar addressed to the history and development of fairy tales as a literary genre.

The Politics of Home

Freshman critical writing seminar, aimed at international students and non-native speakers, examining conceptions of home and identity construction.

Instructor, Online Summer Language Program, Erasmus Academy, 2011-2012

Intensive Elementary Greek

8-week virtual seminar taught with webinar software

Graduate Fellow, Critical Writing Program, University of Pennsylvania, 2010-2011

The Eternal Warriors

Graduate Instructor, Department of Classical Studies, University of Pennsylvania

Latin for Reading Knowledge, summer 2010

Intensive Elementary Greek, summer 2008

Greek and Roman Mythology (TA with recitations), spring 2008

Intermediate Greek Prose, fall 2007

Elementary Latin II, spring 2007

Elementary Latin I, fall 2006


Pre-major Advisor, University of Pennsylvania, 2016-2017

Writing tutor to graduate students, Critical Writing Center, 2015-2017

Volunteer leader, Penn Reading Project, 2015

Faculty Editor of 3808, University of Pennsylvania’s journal of undergraduate critical writing, 2014, 2015

Preceptorial leader, University of Pennsylvania, fall 2013 and fall 2014

Research Interests

Greek literature and poetics

Constructions of genre

Gender studies


Writing pedagogy

Other Professional Experience

Social Media Chair, Women’s Classical Caucus, 2015-2017

Volunteer leader for an online Sappho reading group, December 2014-January 2015

Volunteer leader for an online Odyssey reading group, December 2013-January 2014

Volunteer leader for an online Iliad reading group, December 2012-January 2013

Volunteer Latin instructor for a public online learning community, spring 2012

Private tutor, Greek and Latin, Philadelphia and New York, 2009-2011

Department representative, Graduate Student Government, 2007-2008

Editorial and research assistant, Robert F. Martin, Tritos, 2006

Research assistant, University of Pennsylvania, Robert Kraft, APIS, 2005-2006

Research assistant, University of Texas at Austin, Peter Green, 2004

Research assistant, Columbia University, W.V. Harris, 2002-2003


Dr. Karen Hersch, Associate Professor, Temple University,

Dr. Sheila Murnaghan, Alfred Reginald Allen Memorial Professor of Greek, University of Pennsylvania,

Dr. Robin Mitchell-Boyask, Professor, Temple University,

Dr. Corinne Pache, Associate Professor, Trinity University,